Here’s hopin’ you’re soapin’

Want to know the simplest way to stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 epidemic? It’s washing your hands.

Experts agree if you keep your hands washed during the day, you can wash this highly contagious virus down the drain. If someone near you has been infected, you can pick up their virus droplets. Those contaminated droplets of mucus and viral particles can enter your body if you touch your hands to your face and then travel right down to your respiratory tract.

Although hand washing should be second nature by now, here are ten essential times to use soap and water throughout the day: 

  1. Before you leave the house (to protect others from your germs)
  2. When you arrive at your destination (to wash off germs you’ve picked up from door knobs, elevator buttons, public transportation, etc.)
  3. Before and after you eat or prepare food
  4. After taking care of someone living with you
  5. Before and after you clean your home
  6. Before and after you use an electronic device
  7. After you blow your nose, cough or sneeze
  8. After you use the bathroom or change a diaper
  9. After you feed or touch a pet
  10. Before and after treating a wound

Whether you use soap from a pump, bar soap, or a lavender and rose-scented bar, you must wash thoroughly – this includes your thumbs, both sides of your hands and under your fingernails.

And remember - germs love moisture, don’t give them a place to thrive. Wash your soap dish regularly and dry your hands until every drop of moisture is gone.

The time you spend washing your hands is also important. Count to twenty using the one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, etc. counting method or sing the entire Happy Birthday To You song twice, to make your handwashing last at least twenty seconds.

To find out more about the proper times and ways to wash your hands go to The Centers for Disease Control site: