Offices on Aging/Senior Centers

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Adult Guardian Services Alzheimer's Association of Cleveland Asian Services in Action Inc.
4515 Superior Ave 23215 Commerce Park Dr Ste 300 3631 Perkins Ave Ste 2AW
Cleveland, OH 44103 Beachwood, OH 44122 Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: 216-696-1132 Phone: 216-342-5556 Phone: 216-881-0330
Fax: 216-696-1153 Fax: 216-831-8585 Fax: 216-881-6920
Primary Contact: Kendra Daniel Primary Contact: Maryann Koney Primary Contact: Michael Byun
Director of Adult Support & Advocacy   Chief Executive Officer
Catholic Charities Corp - St Martin De Porres Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging Broadway Golden Hours: St Augustine Health Min.
1264 E 123rd St 11890 Fairhill Rd 7801 Detroit Ave
Cleveland, OH 44108 Cleveland, OH 44120 Cleveland, OH 44102
Phone: 216-268-3909 Phone: 216-791-8000 Phone: 216-634-7400
Fax: 216-268-0207  Fax: 216-373-1814 Fax: 216-373-5100
Primary Contact: Amina Abdulhaqq Primary Contact: Sonya Edwards  Primary Contact: Mathew Cuba
Program Director Director of Community Advocacy Assistant Administrator
Catholic Charities Corp. - Hispanic Senior Center City of Cleveland Hts Office on Aging City of Euclid Senior Programs
7800 Detroit Ave 40 Severance Cir 1 Bliss Ln
Cleveland, OH 44102 Cleveland, Hts OH 44118 Euclid, OH 44123
Phone: 216-939-3714 Phone: 216-691-7377 Phone: 216-289-2985
Fax: 216-631-3539 Fax: 216-291-3705 Fax: 216-289-2744
Primary Contact: Evelyn Santos-Rodriguez Primary Contact: Amy Jenkins Primary Contact: Bob Payne
Program Coordinator Office on Aging Coordinator Manager
City of Garfield Hts City of Lakewood Human Services Division of Aging City of Maple Hts Office on Aging
5407 Turney Rd 16024 Madison Ave 15901 Libby Rd
Garfield Hts, OH 44125 Lakewood, OH 44107 Maple Hts, OH 44137
Phone: 216-475-3244  Phone: 216-521-1515 Phone: 216-587-5481
Fax: 216--) 475-3257 Fax: 216-521-2613 Fax: 216-587-9069
Primary Contact: Kathy Rush-Parsson Primary Contact: DeDe MacNamee-Gold Primary Contact: Linda M. Vopat
Social Service Director Senior Center Manager Director of Human Services
City of Parma Hts Cleveland Chinese Senior Citizens Assoc Cleveland Department of Aging
9275 North Church Drive #1 3843 Payne Ave Box B 75 Erieview Plaza Rm 201
Parma Hts, OH 44130 Cleveland, OH 44114 Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: 440- 888-4416 Phone: 216-881-6999 Phone: 216-664-2833
Fax:440- 888-1343 Fax: 216-292-6567  Fax: 216-420-8076
Primary Contact: Trish James Primary Contact: Tom Kaung Primary Contact: Mary McNamara
Acting Director of Senior Services Treasurer Director
Community Partnership on Aging Cuyahoga County Division of Senior & Adult Services Donna Smallwood Activities Center and Office on Aging
1370 Victory Dr 13815 Kinsman Rd  7001 W Ridgewood Dr
South Euclid, OH 44121 Cleveland, OH 44240 Parma, OH 44129 
Phone: 216-291-3902 Phone: 216-420-6755 Phone: 440- 885-8800
Fax: 216-291-0773 Fax: 216-420-6735 Fax:440- 885-8817
Primary Contact: Wendy Albin Sattin Primary Contact: Richard Jones, Ph.D. Primary Contact: JoAnn Mason
Executive Director Administrator Director
East End Neighborhood House, Inc. Eldercare Services Institute, Benjamin Rose InSt Eliza Bryant Village
2749 Woodhill Rd 11890 Fairhill Rd 7201 Wade Park Ave 
Cleveland, OH 44104 Cleveland, OH 44120 Cleveland, OH 44103
Phone: 216-791-9378 Phone: 216-791-8000 Phone: 216-361-6141
Fax: 216-791-9754 Primary Contact: Todd Simmons Fax: 216-588-1982
Primary Contact: Zulma Zabala Assistant Director BRI Adult Day Program Primary Contact: Jeanna Davis
CEO/President   Director, Outreach & Adult Day Services
Fairhill Partners Fairview Park Senior Life Office Greater Cleveland Volunteers 
12200 Fairhill Rd 20769 Lorain Rd (RSVP of Cleveland)
Cleveland, OH 44120 Fairview Park, OH 44126 4415 Euclid Ave Ste 200
Phone: 216-421-1350 Phone: 440- 356-4437 Cleveland, OH 44103
Fax: 216-421-1350 Fax:440- 356-4438 Phone: 216-391-9500
Primary Contact: Stephanie FallCreek Primary Contact: Regina Sillasen Fax: 216-391-9010
President/CEO Director  Primary Contact: Kirsten Frei-Herrmann
Harvard Community Service Center Inc. Jennings / Eva L. Bruening Adult Day Center Jewish Family Service Association
18240 Harvard Ave  10204 Granger Rd 3659 South Green Rd Ste 322
Cleveland, OH 44128 Garfield Hts, OH 44125 Beachwood, OH 44122
Phone: 216-991-8585 Phone: 216-581-2900 Phone: 216-292-3999
Fax: 216-991-3818 Fax: 216-581-4505 Fax: 216-916-9154
Primary Contact: Elaine Gohlstin Primary Contact: Brenda Carothers Primary Contact: Jamie Lowy
CEO/President Director, Eva Bruening Adult Day Center Associate Executive Director, Older Adult Services
Legal Aid Society of Cleveland Linking, Employment, Abilities/ Potential (LEAP) Long Term Care Ombudsman
1223 W 6th St 2545 Lorain Ave 2800 Euclid Ave Ste 200
Cleveland, OH 44113 Cleveland, OH 44113 Cleveland, OH 44115
Phone: 216-861-5500 Phone: 216-696-2716 Phone: 216-696-2719
Fax: 216-861-5274 Fax: 216-687-1453 Fax: 216-696-6216
Primary Contact: Colleen M. Cotter Primary Contact: Melanie Hogan Primary Contact: Jeni Coyne
Executive Director Executive Director Program Director 
Mandel Jewish Community Center Murtis Taylor Human Services System North Olmsted Senior Center
26001 S Woodland Rd  13422 Kinsman Rd 28114 Lorain Rd
Beachwood, OH 44122 Cleveland, OH 44118 North Olmsted, OH 44070
Phone: 216-831-0700 Phone: 216-283-4400 Phone: 440-777-8100
Fax: 216-297-9162 Fax: 216-295-1572 Fax:440-716-4246
Primary Contact: Yolanda Nixon Primary Contact: Heather Brissett Primary Contact: Jackie Chavez-Anderson
  Director of Wellness & Family Resource Administrator
Orange Senior Center/Orange Comm. Ctr. Ed. & Rec. Rose Centers for Aging Well S.A.R.A.H. Adult Day Services
32000 Chagrin Blvd 11890 Fairhill Rd 11303 Pearl Rd
Pepper Pike, OH 44124 Cleveland, OH 44120 Strongsville, OH 44136
Phone: 216-831-8600 Phone: 216-791-8000 Phone: 440-846-1751
Fax: 216-831-3702 Fax: 216-373-1814 Fax:440-846-1779
Primary Contact: Darlene Montonaro Primary Contact: Dabney Conwwell Primary Contact: Robert Phillips
Older Adult Coordinator Executive Director CEO
Senior Citizen Resources Inc Senior Transportation Connection The MetroHealth System
3100 Devonshire Rd 4735 West 150th St Ste A 2500 MetroHealth Dr
Cleveland, OH 44109 Cleveland, OH 44135 Cleveland, OH 44109
Phone: 216-749-5367 Phone: 216-265-4101 Phone: 216-778-7800
Fax: 216-351-7794 Fax: 216-265-2830 Fax: 216-957-2130
Primary Contact: Liz Kilroy-Hernandez Primary Contact: Janice Dzigiel Primary Contact: Catherine Wells
Executive Director Executive Director Navigator - Access Your Benefits
The Salvation Army West Park United Way of Greater Cleveland, United Way 2-1-1 West Rose/Mt Carmel: St Augustine Health Ministries
12645 Lorain Ave 1331 Euclid Ave 7801 Detroit Ave
Cleveland, OH 44111 Cleveland, OH 44115 Cleveland, OH 44102
Phone: 216-252-3593 Phone: 216-436-2100 Phone: 216-634-7400
Fax: 216-252-3431 Fax: 216-436-2252 Fax: 216-373-5100
Primary Contact: Pamela Jones Primary Contact: Diane Gatto Primary Contact: Mathew Cuba
Program Director Director  
West Side Community House    
9300 Lorain Ave    
Cleveland, OH, 44102    
Phone: 216-771-7297    
Fax: 216-771-0620    
Primary Contact: Dawn Kolograf    
Executive Director    


Geauga County Department on Aging Long-Term Care Ombudsman United Way Services of Geauga County
12555 Ravenwood Dr 2800 Euclid Ave Ste 200 209 Center St, Unit H
Chardon, OH 44024 Cleveland, OH 44115 Chardon, OH 44024
Phone: 440-279-2130 Phone: 216-696-2719 Phone: 440-285-2261
Fax:440-285-3408 Fax: 216-696-6216 Fax:440-286-3442
Primary Contact: Jessica Boalt Primary Contact: Jeni Coyne Primary Contact: Kimberly Leininger
Director Program Director Executive Director

Lake County

Lake County Council on Aging Legal Aid Society of Cleveland Long-Term Care Ombudsman
8520 East Ave 1223 West Sixth St 2800 Euclid Ave Ste 200
Mentor, OH 44060 Cleveland, OH 44113 Cleveland, OH 44115
Phone: 440-205-8111 Phone: 216-861-5500 Phone: 216-696-2719
Fax:440-205-7055 Fax: 216-861-5274 Fax: 216-696-6216
Primary Contact: Joseph Tomsick Primary Contact: Colleen M. Cotter Primary Contact: Jeni Coyne
CEO  Executive Director Program Director
Willoughby Eastlake Board of Education (RSVP)    
32500 Chardon Rd    
Willoughby Hills, OH 44094    
Phone: 440-269-3015 Fax:    
Primary Contact: Cristen Kane    


Alzheimers Association of Cleveland El Centro de Servicios de Sociales, Inc. Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
23215 Commerce Park Dr Ste 300, 2800 Pearl Ave 1223 W 6th St
Park Center I Lorain, OH, 44055 Cleveland, OH, 44113
Beachwood, OH, 44122 Phone: 440- 478-9998 Phone: 216-861-5500
Phone: 216-342-5556 Fax:440- 277-9236 Fax: 216-861-5274
Fax: 216-831-8585 Primary Contact: Victor Leandry Primary Contact: Colleen M. Cotter
Primary Contact: Maryann Koney Executive Director Executive Director
Linking, Employment, Abilities and Potential (LEAP) Long Term Care Ombudsman Lorain County Office on Aging
2545 Lorain Ave 2800 Euclid Ave Ste 200 320 N Gateway Blvd 2nd Fl
Cleveland, OH, 44113 Cleveland, OH, 44115 Elyria, OH, 44035
Phone: 216-696-2716 Phone: 216-696-2719 Phone: 440-326-4800
Fax: 216-687-1453 Fax: 216-696-6216 Fax:440-326-4828
Primary Contact: Melanie Hogan Primary Contact: Jeni Coyne Primary Contact: Lauren Burgess
Executive Director Program Director Executive Director
Neighborhood Alliance  North Ridgeville Office for Older Adults Volunteer Guardianship Program (LMM) Lorain County
457 Griswold Rd 7327 Avon Belden Rd 1875 N Ridge Rd Ste L
Elyria, OH, 44035 North Ridgeville, OH, 44039 Lorain, OH, 44055
Phone: 440- 233-8768 Phone: 440-353-0828 Phone: 440-934-3613
Fax:440-324-7895 Fax:440-353-0858 Fax: 216-696-1153
Primary Contact: Connie Osborn Primary Contact: Rita Price Director Primary Contact: Kendra Daniel
President & CEO   Director, Adult Support & Advocacy


Community Legal Aid Services, Inc. Greater East Ohio Area Alzheimers Association Long-Term Care Ombudsman
50 South Main St Ste 800 70 W. Streetsboro, Ste 201 2800 Euclid Ave Ste 200
Akron, OH 44308 Hudson, OH 44236 Cleveland, OH 44115
Phone: 330-535-4191 Phone: 330-650-0552 Phone: 216-696-2719
Fax: 330-535-0728 Fax: 330-650-0568 Fax: 216-696-6216
Primary Contact: Linda Duffy Primary Contact: Liz Mulroy Primary Contact: Jeni Coyne
Compliance Manager Program Director Program Director
Medina County Office for Older Adults Wadsworth Soprema Senior Center  
246 Northland Dr 617 School Dr  
Medina, OH 44256 Wadsworth, OH 44281  
Phone: 330-723-9514 Phone: 330-335-1513  
Fax: 330-723-9506 Primary Contact: Nancy Likens  
Primary Contact: Laura Toth Director