Assisted Living

Are you or a loved one eligible for Assisted Living?


The Assisted Living Waiver Program helps Medicaid Waiver-eligible individuals to reside in an Assisted Living setting.

The Assisted Living Waiver Program is designed to help individuals who may need a range of assistance but desire to maintain a level of independent living in a setting that feels like home.

Our professional staff can evaluate and determine if you are eligible for assisted living.

  • Have resided in a residential care facility but are now out of resources
  • 21 years old or older at the time of enrollment
  • Meet relevant Medicaid financial requirements
  • Need assistance with personal care
  • Alternative to nursing home placement
  • One-time allowance to help with the costs related to moving into an assisted living setting
  • List of Certified Assisted Living Waiver Residences
    • Each location is based on availability

You can browse locations here.

Consumer Costs
  • Monthly room and board fee based on the current Social Security Benefit rate
  • Additional liability fees may apply
    • Based on income
    • Determined during the eligibility evaluation
    • Ongoing
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Assisted Living